Tactile View

The Tactile View is an initiative of the Barcelona Provincial Council Local Museum Network, which counts with the advice of ONCE Catalunya, and aims to guarantee cultural accessibility to all citizens.

The Tactile View is a sensorial space labeled with macrocharacters and overprinted Braille. This tactile space presents three innovations that made the Iberian society a complex culture in constant evolution.

The first space, La metal·lúrgia del ferro (“Iron metallurgy”), presents a modern peak, a tool already used by the Iberians.

The next space, El torn de ceràmica (“The ceramic lathe”), wants you to experience the differences between handmade ceramics and ceramics made with a lathe with a series of reproductions but also original fragments found in the Iberian settlement of Ca n'Oliver.

Finally, in La llengua ibèrica (“The Iberian language”) you will discover the northern Iberian alphabet and one of the few names we know of an Iberian potter, Bilosarker.