Reproduced Iberian buildings

Between 2009 and 2010, in the upper part of the south slope of the hill, in a space where before there was a row of houses, three documented Iberian buildings were reproduced in the deposit. These are two houses from different eras and a metallurgical workshop. One of the houses is a house from the Late Iberian period with a roof that reflects the Roman influence in the construction techniques of this era.

The second is the reproduction of a four-room house, very common during the Full Iberian period, like the metallurgical workshop, a large space with the typical elements of this activity documented during the excavation.

The three buildings have been built following the Iberian constructive techniques regarding roofs, floors, chimneys and the covering of the walls. The three constructions are attached to each other forming a row that allows recovering and seeing the urban pattern of the village, the typology of the buildings, the constructive techniques and how these changed over time.